Advisory Services  Preparation of Development Plan, Sustainable Water Conservation and management plan of Adi Badri
Preparation of Development Plan, Sustainable Water Conservation and management plan of Adi Badri

Adi-Badri, culturally and traditionally, is one of the Hindus’ pilgrimage places in block Bilaspur, tehsil Jagadhari of district Yamuna Nagar. It is believed to be the source of once mighty Vedic Sarasvati river and confluence place of Somb and Sarasvati rivers.Geographically, the Adi-Badri is located at latitude 300 26’ 56” North and longitude 770 20’ 45” East. The proposed planning area is located between 300 26’ 18” N and 300 27’ 36”N latitudes and 770 20’ 00” E and 770 21’ 51”E longitudes and at a distance of about 38 kms in northwest of its district headquarters Yamuna Nagar. The delineated project planning area measures about 4.6 km2 which has a perimeter of 9.31 km.
The scope of work of Adi-Badri is enumerated as under:

  • Study of environment concerns – the potential factors threatening to extinction of available water resources.

  • Measures to preserve the available water resources and its replenition – measures for its sustainability.

  • Improving and strengthening the ecological balance through afforestation at suitable sites, promotion of Bhaber grass plantation in lieu of lantana species.

  • Developing a botanical and herbal park, proper landscaping all around the Complex and installing a statue of Sarasvati middle of existing artificial lake to preserve its religious sanctity.

  • Preparing a comprehensive land plan broadly identifying the areas which could be put to conforming land use as witnessed in a series of historical chronology.

  • Plan for perpetuating the cultural heritage of the site.    

  • Preparation of Detailed development Plan of project area.