Advisory Services  Preparation of Development Plan of Religious Kapal Mochan Town
Preparation of Development Plan of Religious Kapal Mochan Town

Geographically, Kapal Mochan is located at latitude 300 26’ North and longitude 770 20’ East at a distance of about 38 kms in northwest of its district headquarters, Yamuna Nagar and (in the ancient forest area) about 3km from Bilaspur. It is an ancient place of pilgrimage both for Hindus and Sikhs.

Historically, many saints, goddesses and different incarnations of God are believed to have performed Yajnas and meditation at this pious land. It is connected with Bilaspur, Adi Badri and Yamuna Nagar by road only. The scope of work of Kapalmochan is enumerated as under:

  • Providing alternative route to the people travelling beyond Kapal Mochan.

  • Appropriate exit for the vehicles visiting Adi Badri.

  • Segregation of vehicles and designation of parking lots.

  • Adequate water for cooking and drinking purposes during the Mela days.

  • Putting camping tents away from the Sarovar for maintaining the clean environment of around the

  • Sarovar.

  • Preparing the Detailed Development Plan of Project area